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Miami & Swim Spa Pool's

Harvest Pools - The Miami.jpg

The cute, kidney shaped design of the Miami allows maximum swimming space in a small area. This pool is ideal for a courtyard or a backyard with limited space.

Harvest Pools - The Miami Blueprint.jpg

Miami 4.9m x 3.2m

Harvest Pools - The Swim Spa.jpg

With seating featured on the right and left sides of the pool, The Swim Spa can be used as both a relaxing spa and swimming pool. Ask your agent about supplying a ‘Swimjet’ system with your swim spa so you can swim against the jets for as long as you want.

Harvest Pools - The Swim Spa Blueprint.jpg

Swim Spa.  5.5m x 2.6m

Spa & Pool kit includes: (Contact frank spice for Pool and Kit prices)

Miami & Swim Spa Pool Colours

Frank Spice pool colours.jpg

Call us on 02 6851 9400 for an obligation free quote on a Pool Kit to best suit your lifestyle and needs.

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