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The Retreat Pool

Harvest Pools - The Retreat.jpg

The Retreat offers ultimate relaxation and easy access steps from both ends.

The modern design features a safety foot ledge and large seating areas to maximise both leisure and swimming space.


The Retreat pool range is currently available in 12, 11, 10, 8, 7, 6 & 5-metre lengths.

All kit prices include:  (Contact frank spice for Pool and Kit prices)

Retreat Pool 8.0m x 3.4m

Retreat Pool 7.0m x 3.4m

Retreat Pool 6.0m x 3.4m 

Retreat Pool 5.0m x 3.4m

Retreat Pool 10.0m x 3.4m

Retreat Pool 11.0m x 3.4m

Retreat Pool 12.0m x 3.4m

Harvest Pools - The Retreat Blueprint.jpg

The Retreat Pool Colours

Frank Spice pool colours.jpg

Call us on 02 6851 9400 for an obligation free quote on a Pool Kit to best suit your lifestyle and needs.

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